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Farmer Fisher

Chosen as Children’s Book of the Year in 1976 this new volume also comes with the music, now online and free to download.

A whole new worldwide generation may enjoy and delight in this classic modern tale.

Farmer Fisher’s Russian Christmas, the companion story, is also now available.

By: Jonathon Coudrille

£9.99 $15.50

Blueskin the Cat

Blueskin is a highwayman reincarnated as a cat.

So begins the amusing, dangerous and very humane story down the ages of a man who learns to be a wise and better person as a cat than he ever was as a man.

There are now four Blueskin stories and two more on the way as we adventure with all his nine lives.

By: Daniel Benshana

£11.00 $15.00

Genius, Richard Trevithick's Steam Engines

By: Philip M Hosken

$12.10 £7.99

The Birth of God

by A.F. Crowley

Hardback $24.00 £20.00

The Millennium Beach Tree

Artist: Annie Ovenden Poet: Daniel Nanavati

£7.00 + postage