Jennika Bastian

IMG_6369Ever since I can remember I have always loved creating art. Currently I work primarily in oil paint but also enjoy pen and ink. My style of painting hovers somewhere between pre-raphaelite, surrealism, fantasy realism and science fiction. The majority of my work is figurative, portraying anthropomorphic, androgynous figures.

Since I was small I have had an overwhelming fascination with the natural world. Much of my inspiration comes from observing tiny details and imperfections. I love staring at lichen, pores, objects that are worn and ragged, scars, scales, dry chapped lips, things that are deteriorating and growing. I take these details, and try to capture the metamorphosis of these elements into one breathing, organic whole, many times integrating the human figure. In these I strive to question the question the dividing lines are between man and nature. We are faced with the fact that we live in a planet in decline. We are living in geologically unprecedented times with nearly every ecosystem withering away. My work depicts this ecological destruction, yet offer a sense of hope that we still have the power to pull us back from the brink. In all of these pieces there is the common element of decay, but also, of rebirth; a constant growing, fluid, twisting energy.

I studied Art at the University of Wisconsin Madison and earned my BFA in 2014. In my spare time I paint murals for companies, give private drawing lessons, go on long runs, drink copious amounts of tea, read fantasy novels, climb trees and longboard.

I am thrilled to have the privilege to illustrate Ruzniel the complexity of the characters and the magical nature of the world Daniel has through words seems to flow seamlessly with my body of work.


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