Brian Busselle

authorBorn and raised in Kent, Busselle studied Art at Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone Colleges. He obtained a degree in graphic design, and went on to spent 30 years in advertising in London. During his busy career he won a few prestigious national and international awards. However he always found time to paint and exhibited in many one man and group shows in London and the Home Counties.

After leaving the advertising business Brian went to live in France for five years where he painted and exhibited in group shows and galleries in Le Man.On his return to England he was drawn to Cornwall like many artists before him.

He how lives and works in Falmouth and has become known for his graphic use of the varied landscape, working in several media. He has had a string of one-man exhibitions. In 2005 he became of member of the St. Ives Society of Artists, and is a regular contributor to the society’s shows. He now sits on the Board of Directors. Brian’s paintings are in private collections both here and abroad and are to be found in galleries throughout Devon, Wiltshire, Cornwall and the Home Counties.

His work has a continuous presence in the Mariners Gallery at St. Ives and can be reviewed on the Society’s web site at He calls his latest work ‘Abscapes’ as the landscape is still his muse and is always present in the work. In 2009 he was made a member of the Plymouth Society of Artists.

Brian has published two books with FootSteps Press”The Artists’ Meeews and The Artists’ Wooofers. Paintings done of cats and dogs in the style of famous painters providing the world with proof that pets inspire great art. The artwork in both books is available as prints and cards.


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