Author Picture

Philip M Hosken

Philip is a descendant of Edward Hosken, son of the first William at Loggans, who farmed at Drannack in Gwinear.

In addition to his study of the families in this book with whom he is directly associated, he has also researched the life, achievements and descendants of Richard Trevithick, having written two books about the little credit he received for his inventiveness.

Having been associated with the recording of Cornwall’s rich history of mining, heavy industry and shipping through his years as chairman of the Trevithick Society, Philip realised that little had been documented about the important contributions made by the butchers, bakers and candlestick makers, with the tool, wagon and harness makers, to Cornwall’s achievements.

His access to many of the H.T.P. company records and assistance from family members provided him with the material for this original research. With a personal background of international company development, he was able to record and review the activities of the company’s directors, staff and customers.

There is much more interesting, amusing material to be revealed about Cornwall’s commercial life, and Philip hopes that other authors will be moved to record it.