Frequently Asked Questions

This section deals with authors


Publish on Demand

With the advent of desk top publishing in the late 1908s and into the 1990s  a young challenger entered the publishing world.

The promise was to achieve lithographic quality printing (without the density as desk top publishing prints on the surface of the paper and does not press into it).

When this was achieved the need for warehousing and long print prints runs became optional. Publishing a book to order not only became cost efficient it created a new industry standard.

How does It Work?

Ingrams, a world wide and respected book distributor, created a publishing arm for publishing houses. FootSteps Press created an account in 2010 and uploads two sets of files – the interior of the book and the cover. We prefer paperback books as hardbacks are expensive but once proofed the information on the book is rolled out to all online retailers.

Within days the books are shown on sale at Amazon and Waterstones in the UK, and on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in the US. There are also outlets in Brazil, Germany, Australia, India and many other countries. They all reflect the synopsis and information uploaded to Ingrams.

What are the costs?

FootSteps Press has its own designers using a variety of industry standard software. They have design experience in the now defunct Corel Ventura, as well as Quark and Indesign.

Illustrations or artwork for interior and cover are up to the author, we will typeset to a high standard and the finished book will look as good or better than the largest publishing houses can produce.

Authors will not be charged for our work, but they should budget for any artwork and think hard about marketing.


In the final analysis with a beautiful book available around the world to order from bookshops and buy online, authors still need to get the news of their work into the wider reading public.

Getting reviews for POD books is still not easy but more importantly authors need to have a marketing plan and run their own website and social media.


Money rules the imagination the human race. In the wider universe it has no relevance whatsoever, and for authors down the centuries publishers have made far more from their work, than they have themselves.

FootySteps Press is sent income from print sales by Ingrams three months in arrears. We then deduct 10% and send the rest to the author.

The potential for a well marketed book, or an author with an existing following, to make a better income with us is high.

How the system functions

More on marketing

FootSteps has worked with their authors to send out review copies and attend launches. Any event for the book in the UK can be jointly planned and any books needed by the authors are sent at cost + postage.

In addition FootSteps will create an author’s profile on this website and a book link for each book with information that reflects that on online.

How do authors asses the retail price?

Ingrams provides a wide range of book sizes and colour options. Once the books is designed and page count known, FootStpes can provide an accurate print cost per copy and an accurate print cost per order. Prices per book are reduced a few percent for bulk orders.

Once this ‘base’ cost is known the author and FootSteps can discuss a retail price and the percentage top be given to retail outlets such as bookshops. The minimum percentage allowed by the industry is 20% and some outlets require 40 – 50%.

The higher the percentage the more likely the outlets are to order in a few copies if the book is well marketed.


There are two ways in which books are sent to the reader.

Firstly Ingrams deals directly with the ISBN network and receives an order from anywhere in the world through this, and then packages the book(s) and send them to the purchaser.

Secondly FootSteps Press is publishing its own art books. The paper quality has prohibited fine art books being printed through Ingrams so we do small 36 page themed artbooks privately. These are ordered through our website and supplied directly by us.

Orders from authors are provided at cost by FootSteps Press receiving the order from the author and placing it with Ingrams.

Any order is sent to the specified address and does not need to come to FootSteps Press first.

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What are the guarantees?

FootSteps Press does not charge for designing a book to the point it is ready for sale. Guarantees are supplied by Ingrams for consistency or production but they are not in our hands. If there is a problem we have a client representative at Ingrams and we will list a complaint.

In the past new books have been issued to replace books that are incorrectly printed by Ingrams at no charge. Each incident while rare is dealt with individually.



Single books are delivered by Royal Mail, second class and by the online stores and bookshops according to their own schedules.

.Large parcels ordered in by authors are delivered by DHL and other couriers. Every order is priced by Ingrams and that charge is passed on to the author without addition. Invoices for this are raised by FootSteps Press to be paid within 30 days.

Are there other charges?

Authors retain the copyright in this publishing revolution and are in charge of their own destiny. Ingrams charges a small yearly fee to retain the book on sale, presently £8.

Uploading the files, for a cover and interior separately, is presently £27 each. We recommend a proof copy being sent for final sign-off at the cost of £21. Revisions to this proof are presently free but once on sale any revision incurs a new file upload fee of £27 for each file revision uploaded. These fees are charged by Ingrams, there is no addition for FootSteps Press.

Do these charges change?

From time-to-time Ingrams increases its postage, printing and yearly fee charges. While we don’t carry these on this website we brief authors we work with on what they are and keep them informed of any changes.