Farmer Fisher

Farmer Fisher promotion poster

Children’s Book of the Year 1976

The delightful and brilliant favourite, Farmer Fisher, as he makes his way to market is back in this whole new edition.

To celebrate the music is FREE and available below.

£9.99 Amazon UK

$15.50 Barnes&Noble USA

Widely available online and from your local book store: ISBN 978-1-908867-1-24

MP3 Side One

MP3 Side Two

Want to burn your own CD? right click and download:

Side One

Side Two

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  1. Author
    Daniel Nanavati 5 years ago

    5.0 out of 5 stars (one of 15 five star ratings on

    I sing it every day to my baby
    ByMr. Twg Boyceon 15 February 2007
    Format: Paperback
    As a 33 year old father of one, I am constantly reminded of a song from my youth that I now sing to my beautiful daughter `farmer fisher had a farmyard truck but he couldn’t see the colour for the farmyard muck’. As a child I was sat down and played this tune on my dad’s turntable whilst turning the pages of the book of illustrations that went with it, trying to keep up with the rapidly increasing tempo of the lyrics. I still have the 7 inch but sadly not the book.

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