Fragments of Desire

The fifth volume of selected poems by Shänne Sands.

Paperback. 42 pages.

£8.00 Amazon UK

$13.00 Barnes&Noble USA

Widely available online and from your local book store: ISBN 978-0-956634-9-62

On reading Ben Johnson
I have loved faces silvered with gloom
Faces dipped into light stolen from the moon –
I have loved faces humoured by the sun
Flickered by sunbeams as the day has run.
I have loved backs like perfect trees
Strait and firmed to thighs and knees
And hands where fingers like flowers
Sway away unpleasant hours –
I have loved eyes that shelter tears
Before they fall as fall the years
And merry eyes full of happy laughter
Eyes that sorrow cannot master –
I have loved voices that only echo right
I have loved voices heard in darkest night
Voices not deformed by angry lives
Voices free from vulgar thought or bribes.
I have loved lips that moulded rhyme –
Kissed the poets words from every time –
Even if furious demons invent my pain
I shall love all these again –


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