Night Song

The fourth volume of selected poems by Shänne Sands

Paperback. 42 pages.

£8.00 Amazon UK

$13.00 Barnes&Noble USA

Widely available online and from your local book store: ISBN 978-0-956634-9-93

Our innocence was kept in a blue vase –
Holding chrysanthemums with heavy heads –
Or over gas fires making toast and reading Flecker –
Or lying on narrow beds comfortable with happiness –
Books littered with petals and ‘notes’
About coming ‘home’ late –
Piping a recorder in the dusk of that autumn –
When words spun to the ground with united pleasure –
Only the flowers fell one by one –
The words were never weak –
Only the autumns changed from then till now;
As vases hold other flowers and our innocence
Is no longer found within their blueness –
On a high mantelpiece,
But is a piece of jagged glass –
Broken yet still beautiful –


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