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Ruzniel – The End of the Universe

The great battle between universes, fought across all time, finds a precious few standing against Crilodach. The success or failure of the strategy of the Sangyma rest upon their final, high resolve. Trecrogo holds firm with a secret purpose yet to be activated. Mojolo stands proud. The cockroach army are preparing for battle. The dragon brothers are bringing a Sagitæ to Zaqui. But Crilodach has Its own surprises and, as space collapses, It becomes even more deadly, ever more focused and every second more determined. Brilliantly illustrated by Jennika Bastian, this fantasy will change childhood forever,

In Two Volumes: Volume 1 – The Laws of Magic Volume 2 – The End of the Universe

      • Publisher : Footsteps Press; Volume 2 ed. edition (September 1, 2014)
      • Language : English
      • Paperback : 436 pages
      • ISBN-13 : 978-1908867759
      • Dimensions : 5.98 x 0.89 x 9.02 inches

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Goodreads review
Ruzniel The End of The Universe is the action-packed, fantasy sequel to The Laws of Magic, where it follows the same characters along with the introduction of new, exciting characters. The story follows the monumental, final battle against Crilodach and his evil forces.The plot centres around numerous characters across various universes who prepare for the last battle at the stronghold, Trecrogo. The story really picked up in this novel, as the wavering battle in Trecrogo was exciting and entertaining.It was also executed uniquely, as the battle starts early but more people begin to appear or re-appear in an effort to help or obstruct Lilah's and the others path, throughout the novel.Again, the narrative switches between many characters, which added a gripping twist as characters were in very different universes, aiding the fight back in different ways. The story consisted of many surprises, especially deaths in my opinion.I didn't expect certain character's death and I was upset at their loss.Parts of the plot also unraveled to be much more significant than I imagined, on several occasions I was pleasantly surprised to learn what they led to. I mostly enjoyed the writing style but again, at times I found the descriptions confusing and long winded as sometimes there was just loads of pages of rambling.Information dumps were common, which led to me forgetting most of the information later. There was an index at the back but I think there should have been just definitions as a lot of the time you'd flick back but they wouldn't explain the word.It got frustrating at times as I kept forgetting certain words related to the world and I'd have to go away and try and find it for ages. Thank you so much to the author, Daniel Nanavati for sending me out both books in the series.I enjoyed the great story and characters but I got confused and lost at times.However, this definitely is a fantastic story which has clearly been well thought through and planned.