Farmer Fisher

The brilliant, musical feast for the eyes Farmer Fisher:

Farmer Fisher had a Fine Fat Truck
you couldn’t see the colour for the farmyard muck
In the front was a Rabbit and a Chicken and a Duck
On the way to market

And in the back were
Sows, Cows
and Farmyard Cats,
Hogs, Dogs
The Farmyard Rats,

Hares, Mares
A Pound of Pears,
Billy Goats in Hairy Coats
And a horse, (of course) and a Ton of Turnips
on the way to market

      • Publisher : Footsteps Press (1 Oct. 2010)
      • Language : English
      • Paperback : 50 pages
      • ISBN-13 : 978-1908867124
      • Dimensions : 21.6 x 0.33 x 21.6 cm
      • Best Sellers Rank:
      • 1,180 in Children’s Interactive Adventures

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Amazon review
Had this when the kids were small way back in the late 70's early 80's and have been looking for a long time to find it again. One of the best and most fun books for young children and the young at heart. The original came with a tape of the song, now you have to download it but that no doubt makes it cheaper. Highly recommended I am certain no one could ever regret its' purchase.