Little Wolf

The second in the Blueskin series reveals the Lore of Cats. Blueskin meets Little Wolf, a terrier, and together they trek across Califonia to save the City of the Cats from thieves. They are helped by Wynimi, a Washoe child, make friends with three horses, discover things about themselves they never knew and find the fabled city hidden in a valley between the mountains. There they fight to preserve its secret and Blueskin learns thinks about himself than he never thought possible.

      • Publisher : Footsteps Press; Series ed. edition (1 May 2015)
      • Language : English
      • Paperback : 132 pages
      • ISBN-13 : 978-1908867094
      • Dimensions : 17.78 x 0.91 x 25.4 cm

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Goodreads review
Little Wolf is absolutely a precious book. Daniel Benshana is an excellent author and the watercolours by Gabriela Sepulveda are superb. This is a must read! Thanks Goodreads. If you are a animal lover, you will appreciate this book. Blueskin becomes an ambivalent sidekick with the very brothers who had a hand in his hanging. They gain a female companion and embark on sailing to the Americas in order to run from her father. A seasick Blueskin endures marauding pirates on the high seas as he tries to decide where he should place his loyalties. He comes to the realization that he likes himself better as a cat. There is no better way to sow a lifelong curiosity for the history of the world for a child than through a storybook. What I had read to me as a child stayed with me more than anything that came later. It became a part of me and helped engender my love of reading. What a magnificent gift to give a child. And Blueskin the Cat is so easy to fall in love with. It was such fun to read and so witty that you may end up quoting from it. The watercolors are enchanting in their simplicity. I loved the dark brooding stormy look of them. Blueskin and his companions go through a terrible storm which helps save them from the pirates, become shipwrecked, and realize that Blueskin could be much more than just a stray cat. They find themselves washed up on a beach.....I will leave you there. Mr. Benshana says that this work of his is his mother's favorite, all one needs to know. This is the first of a series. Imagine waiting for the next one! I'd wait in line.