• Publisher : Footsteps Press (2 Mar. 2012)
      • Language : English
      • Paperback : 42 pages
      • ISBN-13 : 978-0956634993
      • Dimensions : 13.97 x 0.25 x 21.59 cm

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Come And See

Come and see
Come and see
The roads are pushing our fields away –

Today -Come and see
The decay
Of the city.

Come and see
The social security see-saw –
Stupidity plus stupidity –

Come and see
Our broken down economy
Rather old policies
Balance of payments
Not achieved, cheer, cheer
And try to explain inflation –
Come and see
Come and hear!

The failed master plan –
The behaviour pattern
Of aged ministers of State –
Too late
Too late –

Sing the song of the out-of-work
The three day week
The endless rain –
A country going down the drain –

But tighten your seat-belts –
Switch on your colour TV

And to the hounds
With wages and prices –
All clap hands
For the ‘Common-Market’
And pick your nose
When no-one is looking –

Come and see
The decay of a country –
Export the flag –
And try again –
More rain
More roads –

Surprise, surprise –
Academic exercise
Stretches the mind –
But recognise
In time
Sales for the home-market
Has to shake hands
With the people!

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