The Millennium Book

In 1998 Annie Ovenden and Daniel Nanavati decided to collaborate on a project to celebrate the dawn of the new millennium. On a woodland walk in Rilla Mill, Cornwall Annie happened across and was struck by a glorious beech tree standing radiant in the afternoon light – the idea was born.
Together they created what became The Millennium Beech Tree project, paintings by Annie and poems by Daniel depicting the tree throughout the last year of 1999.
The works were fittingly exhibited together at a Ruralist exhibition in 2000.


The atoms in the soil which grew this tree,

Might once have been a Brontosaurus' skin,

An early mammoth, horse, a chimpanzee,

Or men who dreamed of mining Cornish tin.

Some planets from a Universe must grow -

Whose life from stars is seeded in the seas;

For our existence is the ebb and flow

Of trees to people and people to trees.

One day I shall be part of a forest

With Bluebells and moss for my family

For the atoms within me cannot rest

As long as the earth lacks a single tree.

And though you will not recognise me quite

Still, wrap your arms around, and hold me tight.

FootSteps Press
36 pages
ISBN: 978-1-908867-15-5


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