Daniel Benshana

Daniel Benshana writes children's books, poetry and novels. His children's books include 'Midrak Earthshaker', 'Mr.Binks', The Exalted Gate', and the two volume epic fantasy 'Ruzniel'.

The popular Blueskin series 'Blueskin', 'Little Wolf', 'Blueskin Saves America', 'The Qinalong Emperor'.

'Millennium Beech Tree' is a series of poems written to the artwork of Annie Ovenden.

He has written a series of 30 love poems.

His first serious novel 'Helen's Daughter' was published in 2018. He is currently working on thrillers and more Blueskin stories and bringing on several more of his longer children's books.

“Magic can be neither created nor destroyed, merely changed from one form into another."

In a universe where every atom is either magical or not we are caught up in a titanic battle during the last three days before the Big Crunch.

Ancient magicians, a spellmaker, a poet, a tribe of mutant salves, a clone of the last human, two giant bears and heroes from the first days join together to stop the first life every to have evolved, Croilodach, from surviving into the new Big Bang and so ruling all life for eternity.

Two volumes, 300,000 words. A journey into destiny, across time where sacrifice and love make all the difference.

Beautifully illustrated by the American artist  Jennika Bastian.

Blueskin Series

Blueskin is a highwayman, hanged and reincarnated as a cat

So begins his adventures across continents and down towards the present day as he lives out his nine lives becoming ever more caring and thoughtful and brave..

Amazing watercolours  by the American Artist Gabriela Sepulveda.

'Midrak Earthshaker' is a trainee magician whose companion, Wipple, is drawn into another world through a book of magic.

The new world turns out to be Earth and hidden at its heart is the Tree of Life, under threat from a creature who wants to rule all life.

With two orphans, a family of elves, the surviving guardian of the Tree of Life and the rock people who live beneath the surface of the Earth they start to fight to stop the creature, Girval, from succeeding.

The cover is a  'The Mole Catcher's Cottage' by Ann Arnold.

The book is superbly illustrated in black and white by the American artist and craftsman John Thomas Pryor.

'Mr Binks' is a ventriloquist puppet that hides a secret – a spell created by the alchemist Simon Megamnatis which prolongs life.

Three children who are friends with an old lady go looking for her when she vanishes and discover a 500 year old love story and help an alchemist to find forgiveness  for his wrongs.

Each chapter is illustrated with the delicate work of Welsh artist Nia Ellis.

'The Exalted Gate' is a series of 10 original fairy tales with modern day twists each inspired by a separate painting by the artist Annie Ovenden.

Meet the woman who won't marry, the blue man who rescues a castle, the young boy who shows more bravery than the adults, the granddaughter of Alice who enters Wonderland, the eviction that causes havoc and many more.

'Helen's Daughter is set in the UK in the 1980s and charts the lives of the poorest community in Thatcher's England.

The main protagonist is Christine who is raped at 14 and goes on to have 5 children by five different partners, never fulfilling her dream of joining the Navy. Always day dreaming until, in her turn, her first born is raped at 14 and the cycle continues.

The ex-convict, the bored housewife, the Bible thumping evangelists are all here existing rater than living.

'An essay on the genetics and habits of lying. From the evolutionary necessity of being able to lay traps through to the self-given lies that trip us up and the new research that links the agility to lie with intelligence.

Illustrated throughout by the brilliant British artist Calvin Innes.