Selected Verse in Five Volumes

I do like William Butler Yeats, but I find Sands’ poems speak more than Yeats to today’s world.  I hear the voice of Emily Dickinson, but the imagery is more of what society can respond to and understand in their bones.  I think sheer has the voice of Dickinson but better, and also the loaded details of a T.S. Eliot.  Although Yeats is a favorite of mine, and I enjoy teaching him, he is a bit out there with his gyre and allusiveness and devotion to Dublin. Sands is here and now in her poetry, and her imagery and diction resonate like lightning throughout the senses.  She is a master of tone and as gritty as sand as the words awaken the dullness of our senses and make us feel the world about us, its sadness, its joys, death and life.

Professor Butler Brewton (emeritus)

Selected Verse in Five Volumes

Fidelity is For Swans

The Silver hooves

Moonlight on Words

Night Song

Fragments of Desire

“We collect our thoughts, and it may be some time before we let it all be known. “Fidelity is for Swans” is a memoir from Shanne Sands as she puts forth her experience in other forms of writing to create a more comprehensive work of poetry. A strong addition to any literary poetry collection, “Fidelity is for Swans” is a fine and much recommended pick.”

John Taylor, Mid West Book Reviews