Gabriela Sepulveda

Blueskin Series

Gabriela Sepulveda, originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, is a dynamic presence in the art world. With a focused approach and a versatile style of artistic expression, Gabriela creates works that resonate with the stories of diverse lives, transcending barriers and fostering unity.

With a degree from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a Masters from Atlantic University College, Gabriela’s artistic style is influenced by a range of sources, including Moebius, Camilla d’Errico, Pop Surrealism,
Science Fiction, and Comics. Her interest in storytelling brings depth to each creation, transporting observers to imaginative realms where emotions and intellect intertwine.

Gabriela’s journey has been marked by notable achievements, including the prestigious Arts Next Up Showcase 2023 Award, recognizing her exceptional artistry and dedication to nurturing local art and culture. At the heart of her community, she drives impactful projects throughout the city, using her talents to make art accessible to everyone.

Among her accomplishments, Gabriela earned “The People’s Choice” honor at The D’amour Museum of Fine Arts Community Gallery, a testament to her ability to create deep connections through her portraiture. She has also collaborated on murals alongside respected artists such as Gretta McClain and Pablo Kalaka.

Looking forward, Gabriela’s focus remains on enriching her community through her creative pursuits. With every stroke of her brush, she infuses life, emotion, and imagination into her canvases, fostering a lasting bond between viewers and her art. As she continues her artistic journey, she remains committed to bridging hearts and minds through her unwavering

Gabriela Sepulveda
The Ivory Bunny