The Vulgar Frog Revisited

The Vulgar Frog Revisited

A Book with No Words

Jonathon Coudrille is an unabashed phrogophilist, (tr. he loved frogs) and has spent a long time compiling this portfolio of fabulous frogs. About his obsession, Mr Coudrille has this to say:

“The Frognoscenti from Aristophanes to Jim Henson have valued the frog for, among many other things, its allegorical potential. I started to bring these anthropomorphic Amphibia to the world’s attention when the small and helpless quadruped scene was dominated by mice; subsequently maintaining a vanguard assault when these were superseded or in some cases eaten, by cats. Frogs have many other fine attributes, for instance their amazing ability to take great leaks one moment, stick-in-the-mud the next, might have been created to mirror mankind. And what other creature cuddles its mate so unashamedly, or at such length?”

The Vulgar Frog amply illustrates the importance of frogs in history, art, literature, and so on. Did you know for instance that the Rolls-Royce symbol could have been based on a frog? This, and much more, is revealed for the first time.

This book is dedicated to all who for their stature, life-style or outlook, are like the Frog, apart from the herd.

162 pages. Colour. ISBN: 978-1-9-08-86704-9