Calvin Innes

I’m an illustrator, designer, cartoonist and author. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember and have been fortunate enough to do this for a living for about 15 years. I have created thousands of illustrations for cartoons, comics, children’s books, advertising, toys and games, animations, merchandise and everything else in between.
Over the years I have worked with thousands of clients across the UK and around the world, from large blue-chip companies to individuals and small businesses. I work in a number of styles, meaning that I have been able to get involved with some pretty incredible projects covering all sorts of areas. My illustrations and designs can be seen on TV, in books, in comics, on-line and on the shelves of toy stores all over the place.
I have over twenty books published as an illustrator or author (or both combined) and continue to write and illustrate books and comics for all ages. I work with both new and experienced authors to help being their ideas to life.
I was picked as the new illustrator for the children’s Wasgij puzzles, part of the best selling Wasgij puzzle brand from Jumbo Games. is was a particular honor for me having been a fan of the puzzles, and in particular their intricate cartoon artwork, growing up.