The Birth of God

The Birth of God

What existed before creation? What existed before God?

Bereshith bara Elohim et hashamayim ve’et ha aretz (Genesis 11) This may be translated in its simplest form as: ‘In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.’
This well known Biblical phrase has become so often repeated, that it has been reduced and accepted with nonchalance. But this phrase contains within it, the entirety of creation and the creative process of the physical Universe and the many dimensions beyond. It harbours the immense knowledge of the cosmos and all the possible aspects of life. These words
convey that “In the beginning, God created all that is and will be in the heavens and all that is and will be in the physical Universe”.
Moreover, one word alone in this phrase contains the keys to the mysterious symbol of the Tree of Life and the hidden secrets of the creation of the physical world and of our own place on Earth.
This key is the word Bereshith. It is made up of two words, “Bera” and “Shetha”; Blessed Six.

The Sephirotic Tree is the never ending revelation of this ancient knowledge and all that endlessly continues to flourish from it.
To arrive at this moment of creation, it is necessary to search way back, beyond the beginning, beyond time itself, and begin to touch upon the essence of infinity. This is to experience the source of the creator. It is to
search beyond the waking of consciousness and, ultimately, to touch upon the very birth of God.

You may learn the essence of logic and of all that propels existence into its continual and perfect unfolding.
You will discover the answer to the age old question, ” what was there before creation and what was beyond the creator?”
You will experience the Birth of God.

Hardback. 204 pages.


I doubt there are many books of a spiritual or religious nature that go beyond mere faith in attempting to explain what exactly, God, spirit or soul is, especially the how and the why it all exists in the first place. And that is precisely what this book does. Atheists can at last have something beyond mere faith to grapple with. I personally find richness through entertaining many perspectives as though they are true. The perspective presented here is truly beautiful. Its practice reveals more than I ever thought possible.

This book, set out in a poetic style, but without rhyming, is a distillation of the Kabbalistic Initiatic Tradition, the tradition which underpins monotheistic thought in the west (which tragically ended up becoming more about consolidating power than sharing it because power, according to the powerful is clutchingly misconstrued as finite). It seeks to explain through “pure logic” how the universe and consciousness came into being and why “it is good”.

The author takes the reader on a journey from before existence to the underlying cause of existence. She proceeds through each notional quality (Sephira) preceding and seeding all existence being birthed and continually birthed in every moment via each Sephira contained within the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. The author relates this wisdom to our daily lives, society and society’s recurring themes. It is methodical, adding layers of repetition seemingly to earth the teaching within the reader and to deepen the experience each time.

I recommend reading this book out loud, quietly, to oneself.