Midrak Earthshaker

Midrak Earthshaker

A Fight to save the Tree of Life

The Ruz Wipple, companion to the magician Midrak Earthshaker, unexpectedly falls to Earth right into the laps of a family of elves who have a pressing problem. The guardians of the Tree of Life have been attacked by Girval, a creature of immense age and power and the fire demon Lamian.

So begins their adventure to save The Tree of Life which has remained hidden at the centre of the Earth. They are not alone but since the beginning of his life Girval has never been defeated!.

They will need more than magic. They will need determination, fearlessness and a lot of luck.



this is an absolutely cracking book! It’s a fantastic story that shows our children the benefits of team work, loyalty and how doing the right thing in everything can help overcome the bad things that often seem to block our way.

While reading the story the reader can identify with the characters and every scenario that enfolds them throughout the book. It is told in easy language to follow so even younger audiences are held rapt and continually urging the characters forward so that more of the story unfolds. Throughout the book there are amazing pictures drawn in black and white that illustrate parts of the adventure and from these we can visualise each character on the journey even more readily.

I heartily recommend Midrak Earthshaker to children of any age be they 9 or 90!