Blueskin the Cat

Watercolours by Gabriela Sepulveda

Blueskin is a highwayman who is captured, hanged and immediately reincarnated as a cat. Meeting the two brothers who captured him he accompanies them on their voyage to the Americas hoping to get revenge. So begins his hilarious adventures with pirates, a storm and finally his meeting a shaman in California who can talk to him. With him he realises the brothers have become his family and he is wiser as a cat than he ever was as a man.

Blueskin the Cat is the first in a series. Scroll down for the others so far:

Watercolours by Gabriela Sepulveda

Blueskin is trailblazing and meets a terrier, Little Wolf who is based on the author’s own Jack Russell, Rosie-Girl. Together they travel to the mountains to stop the fabled City of the Cats from being pillaged by ruffians. Blueskin enjoys being able to talk to any animal and makes friends with horses and they manage to get to the City first.

But the ensuing battle sees Blueskin sacrifice himself but then he awakes but this time he is caught in an even bigger battle.

Watercolours by Gabriela Sepulveda

Waking up on a rain sodden day Blueskin finds himself fighting in the American Revolutionary War . He befriends the collie Bundle, works with Co-Peik of the Tuscalora tribe and is ably helped by well bred horses and the soldiers O’reilly and Blueberry. Together they fight off the plot of the British spy, and help the American militia survive the catastrophe of Washington almost being taken prisoner by oolonel Bassingcourt.

and don’t even get me started about the witches …

Watercolours by Gabriela Sepulveda

Blueskin reincarnates in the rooms of Princess Hexiao as she plans her escape from the palace. Ho Shen hears of the blue cat and demands its head but Blueskin escapes, joins the Gai Cat Clan who are planning to visit the last remaining general loyal to the Emperor, and convince him to fight Ho Shen and save China.

But the journey finds him meeting a dragon, a female cat who can out fight him at every turn, a priest who isn’t at all sure anyone can pursuade the general to do anything, a battle that almost costs all their lives and Ho Shen’s devious plan B.

Oh, and he falls in love.

Coming Soon: Africa or Bust – Blueskin takes circus animals across Europe to freedom.

Blueskin and the Trinba Enks sees Blueskin in space

REVIEW Blueskin the Cat:

First off I want to say I love the watercolor paintings that illustrate this book. They are beautiful. I really liked the story as well. I found it a truly unique plot, especially with the main character being a human criminal reincarnated as a cat. I like how Blueskin’s personality and values change after he becomes a cat. He finally has a chance to develop the empathy and wisdom he lacked as a human. Although this book is probably technically considered middle grade, I think even YA audiences would enjoy it. There is lots of adventure, a little romance and likeable characters. I look forward to seeing more adventures with this delightful cat! The one thing I would like to see more of is Blueskin communicating with other animals, especially other animals that are also reincarnated people (like the mouse who was once the King of the Netherlands). I really enjoyed Blueskin’s conversation with the medicine man near the end as well.